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Chelsea Davies

Creating magic through stories that speak

Chelsea Davies believes in the magic of picture books. 

From the picturesque Margaret River Region of Western Australia, she is forever gaining inspiration to write poetry and picture books which engage, empower, and entertain young minds.  

Chelsea refers to Creative Writing as her ‘bliss’ and is excited to continue creating a little magic of her own.


Come Home Ella is a children's picture book following a siblings emotional journey after the early arrival of her baby sister Ella.


Come Home Ella lightheartedly follows the emotion journey of a small child learning to cope with the early arrival of her baby sister Ella. 

A special story designed to help families of premature babies, as well as, a wonderful educational resource for children of all ages. 



Chelsea Davies most recent picture book release 

Where I Love to Be is a fun, engaging story about bringing sunny holiday mindsets home to everyday life. 

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