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Come Home Ella

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Children's Picture Book (3-8 years)

My baby sister couldn't wait to see the world. That's why she came so early.

She probably didn't know she would be stuck inside a hospital.

She probably didn't know that I wouldn't be allowed to see her.

Come Home Ella light-heartedly follows the emotional journey of a family after their baby's early arrival. Told through the eyes of baby Ella's older sibling, it aims to educate children about premature babies and help families experiencing similar situations deal with the emotions involved. 

Written by Chelsea Davies

Illustrated by Lisa Coutts

New Release!
Where I Love to Be 


Children's Picture Book (4-8 years)

I love my holiday beach.

Where the air is so easy to breathe.

Bodies feel soft as sun-kissed sand,

and brothers are slightly less annoying.

Worries drift away with the tide.

Even watermelon tastes better!

Where I love to be. 

If only I could find a way to bring it home...

This beautifully illustrated story encourages practicing holiday mindset at home.  

Written by Chelsea Davies

Illustrated by Katherine 

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Come Home Ella

When I read this book, I felt a rush of emotions: tenderness, sadness, compassion, gratitude and joy. This beautiful story is written from the perspective of a young child whose baby sister is born prematurely and is required to stay in hospital for a long period. We share this young child’s journey as they try to understand what is happening and make meaning of their frustration, envy and sense of loss. This book is a wonderful resource for both parents and children who have experienced the challenge of welcoming a premature baby into the world, teaching us the power of patience, persistence, empathy and love. As a GP Obstetrician and medical educator, I also commend this book to health professionals and students who care for parents and families of premature babies.  see review

Such a touching story about a topic that affects thousands of families in Australia each year. It teaches children the emotions involved in having a sibling that requires an extended hospital stay and seems to receive a disproportionate amount of attention from Mum and Dad. see review

A beautiful book that is going to have a huge impact on families who have experienced premature birth. All kids should read this in homes and classrooms to nurture empathy and understanding. see review

I think this book is an inspiration to those with premature babies. It is written with understanding and the way the book spreads out as a children’s book to a great read for adults is amazing! I really enjoyed this book and that it gave me a new perspective to the way that families with premature babies cope. see review

Such a touching and well written kids book which is a must read for any family impacted by a premature birth, or those looking to educate their children on the issue. The book is a fantastic tool to assist children, and siblings of premature babies, to better cope and understand. I read this book to my son who absolutely love the story and beautiful illustrations. Highly recommended! see review

Come Home Ella is a gentle story told from the perspective of a premature babies lovable older sister. It is a must read for NICU families, as well as a valuable resource for classrooms. see review

Beautifully and clearly written to encompass all the emotions a premature baby brings and allows an easy reading format to help explain to children about what is happening. Highly recommend. see review

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